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Slides to DVD 

Slide scanning

35 mm slides and negatives are scanned using our dedicated film scanner usually set to a resolution of 2000 dpi. This caters for most applications. For a small additional cost scanning can be performed at resolutions up to 4000 dpi when requested. Each slide is carefully scanned and the black border is removed. If a slide is faded we will restore it as necessary unless we have been instructed by you not to do so.

Images will either be saved to a disc or converted into a slide show and stored on a DVD

Slides transferred to disc

Once scanned, images can be stored on DVD or USB with or  without creating a slide show.  They can be saved in various formats including jpeg, tiff, bmp or nef.

DVD formats

We only use high quality discs, usually Verbatim, as these have a long lifetime expectancy (see write-up on DVD-R Gen discs). The two main types of discs are " - R" and " + R", normally  we use DVD-R discs as most DVD players can play them. If you know that your player will only play DVD+R discs please let us know and we will use these instead. Due to compatibility problems we cannot give a 100% guarantee that discs will play on every DVD player. There are various web sites that give advice about compatibility one of them being or telephone us for help.


After scanning and saving your slides or negatives we can create a slideshow and burn it to a DVD.  This can then be played on your television via  your DVD player or shown on your computer.

We can supply extra copies for all your family to enjoy. Hundreds of slides can be stored on one DVD, we suggest a maximum of about 500.

Once the DVD is inserted  into your player a  menu screen  with a thumbnail picture of each slide show will be displayed (as shown below in the two examples).


Usually up to three separate slideshows are shown on this menu, but this can be increased to six if required (on the blue one).  When you place your order you will be asked  which images you would like displayed on the menu.  Each  slide show  is started by clicking on the menu image. The slides are displayed for 5 seconds, by pressing pause on your player the slide can be viewed much longer.

An extra button is added to the menu which will play all the shows one after the other if required.

Royalty free background music can be added to each slide show. 

The image of your choice will be printed on the cover of the DVD case.

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